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Post and/or search for job vacancies, related to this initiative. Members can submit their résumé and create vacancy alerts. Define work profiles and submit job listings, to find suitable candidates.

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Job Vacancies

The job vacancies here, are specifically related to this initiative. With concise filtering and direct links to further information. Making it easy for suitable candidates to apply, and follow through.


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Applicants can upload their details and be considered for relevant vacancies. Discerning employers can peruse the résumés of potential candidates, and find the right person(s) for the job(s) at hand.


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Employers can post multiple job listings, and receive online applications. Members can submit their résumé(s), with frontend form. Keep track of all job applications and receive notifications.


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Employers can easily manage job listings and relevant applications. Members can manage résumé(s) and set daily/weekly/fortnightly alerts. All from user-friendly online dashboard(s).


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