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Anyone can help find forever homes much faster. Speed up the adoption process, by making it easy for prospective owners to rescue homeless pets. This is your chance to give them a second chance!

We are indexing all the animal adoption venues around the world, and pinning them on a localized map. Working local while thinking global, to help speed up the pet adoption process. Finding forever homes faster!

Join a global network of proactive people, who understand that we are largely dependent on each other. By fostering community and creating synergy, we combine the efforts of many, to make a meaningful impact.

The mission is to generate residual revenue. Teaching to fish, rather than donate, we believe that charity begins at the cash register. Learn how to earn extra money, while helping worthy causes. Embrace the opportunity!

This initiative offers the following:

  • Courteous community discussion forums.
  • 24 x7 virtual meetup rooms in all time zones.
  • Online academy of courses and workshops.
  • Directory of listings with localized maps.
  • Jobs board for this particular industry.
  • Events catalogue and centralized calendar.
  • Marketplace with select products and services.
  • Repository of downloads/courseware/business pack.

– This initiative has nothing to do with MLM, crypto, nor any NFTs.

– Strictly no SPAM, no HYPE, no DONATIONS, and zero ADVERTISING.

– We offer a standard affiliate program, open to everyone, at NO cost.

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