Pet Rescue & Adoption Service

Pet Rescue & Adoption Service was formed to help save cats and dogs of all ages from unnecessary euthanasia and situations of abuse and neglect and we also take surrenders of pets from people for a variety of reasons. We also take in many kittens from all walks of life. In some cases, we may sterilise the owned mother when we take the kittens. We respect and support other rescue organisations and strive to be part of the total process of freeing our companion animals from suffering.

PRAAS is a self-funded, not-for-profit organisation. All work is done by unpaid volunteers. All vetwork & most food, toys, equipment etc are paid by the Rescue owner. The remainder is paid by the Carers. All transport fuel is paid by the owner, carers & other volunteers.

Our rescued pets live as fosters in a home environment. Each might live with a family, a single, cats, dogs, other animals, children etc & it will be included on their profiles in which kind of environment they are known to be comfortable. All cats live inside only; where possible, this includes a secure outdoor run. They are also fed a very high quality, nutritious diet, as I believe that this is part of basic care for our loved pets. We require our adoptive families to have the same attitude towards their new pet’s nutrition and to feed them similar quality food.

A vital part of rescue involves desexing every animal that passes into our care and education of the importance of this process to members of the public with whom we come into contact. No animal will be adopted without first being microchipped, vaccinated and either desexed or with a paid certificate for desexing at the appropriate size. Desexing is THE key to the total well-being of our pets and the value that people place on them. Only in rare circumstances will desexing not occur e.g. if the animal is elderly or frail & it is advised by the vet to be unnecessary or dangerous.

Once our rescued pets are healthy, desexed and have had all the necessary work according to current legislation, they will be offered to the public for adoption. New families will be carefully selected. All animals are adopted with the expectation that finally, this will be their lifelong home.

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