Elysian Fields Horse & Hound Sanctuary

15 years in the making and I have finally landed in a position to start the one thing that has been my passion since I was able to talk. Those that know me know that I have dedicated my entire life to my animals, learning from them and creating the best life possible for them, they are my world and the reason I get up in the morning. Here is a little bit about what I will be doing with this newest venture;

At Elysian Fields Horse & Hound Sanctuary, we specialize in young animals that need education, confidence and a nutritional diet to reach their full potential as a beloved family member. Tolerance and respect is fostered between all creatures here.

Every resident receives a fine-tuned diet and a daily routine based on their needs and won’t be available for adoption until I am confident that they are ready.

I am about quality over quantity. Each horse and greyhound that enters the program will receive the best possible care to become a valued family member to ensure that they never find themselves homeless again. This means that I will only be able to take on a small few at a time, with the prospect of expanding once I find the perfect property with the space I’ll need.

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome!

Kanimbla, NSW, 2790, AustraliaOceania/Antarctic,Global,2790 ***** http://elysianfieldssanctuary.com.au

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