Cat Haven

“Rescuing Cats from the Perils of the Streets” was the original aim of the Cat Welfare Society when it was established in 1961. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated staff and volunteers over many years, we have grown to become Western Australia’s premier cat welfare organisation, trading under the name of Cat Haven.

Cat Haven, WA’s largest shelter for homeless, lost and abused cats. Our vision is that every WA cat should be a well-cared for cat and we work towards achieving this by providing: shelter facilities for lost, abandoned and stray cats; a foster care program that allows sick, injured and shy animals to recover in volunteers’ homes until they are ready for adoption; and a re-homing program at the Cat Haven campus as well as through a network of 15 pet stores across the metropolitan area.

Cat Haven takes in over 8,000 cats and kittens every year and has a zero euthanasia rate for treatable re-homable cats. We have over 700 members, employ 55 staff and are supported by 71 volunteers who assist at the shelter and over 800 volunteer foster carers.

Cat Haven’s core business is not only about improving the welfare of cats and kittens but also about improving the lives of people in the community and protecting our environment. Our rescue and surrender services ensure stray and unwanted cats are properly cared for and placed into suitable new homes, rather than being ‘dumped’ on the streets. In this way, we help reduce the stray and feral cat population and all the problems these can create for people, as well as protecting native species. Our re-homing services help people find a cat or kitten that suits their lifestyle, thereby helping individuals and families gain the benefits of owning a companion animal.

In addition to these services, Cat Haven run a number of community programs including: Free emergency cat boarding for people in crisis, Companion cats in residential aged care facilities, Subsidised sterilisation and microchipping.

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